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Getting Up to Speed

Posted on Wed Oct 17th, 2018 @ 4:01pm by Ensign Daniel Sheridan & Chief Petty Officer Aatke Yosal & Lieutenant Andrew Stokes
Edited on on Wed Oct 17th, 2018 @ 4:28pm

Mission: Episode 02: "The Telling"
Location: Main Engineering, USS Thames
Timeline: Mission Day 02, 0427 Hours

ON: [[Main Engineering, USS Thames, Mission Day 02, 0427 Hours]]

“Can we help you, lieutenant?”

"Oh, pardon me," Andrew said offering his hand to the Ensign, "Lieutenant Andrew Stokes, incoming Chief Engineer. I hadn't had a chance to report to the bridge before the alert went off. Can you bring me up to speed?"

Daniel and Aatke exchanged another look. The last chief engineer had only just left aboard the transport the previous afternoon. Starfleet must have known something was up if they’d been able to send them a replacement so quickly. Why hadn’t they been told about it, though?

It took Daniel a moment to realize the lieutenant was still waiting for an answer. As arguably the senior-most officer present, the responsibility for providing that answer fell to him.

“Uhh...I’m afraid we haven’t gotten very far, sir.”

Stokes continued to manipulate the readings on the display in front of them. He Picked up a PADD and began to make notations.

"No problem Ensign, let's start with what we have." Stokes turned to the young man giving him his full attention.

“We do know these readings came from one of our runabouts, the Pendragon,” Daniel explained, “They were getting ready to deploy a scientific research satellite when they found the alien vessels. Commander Whittemore wants us to prepare an assessment and have it ready for the staff briefing at oh-seven-hundred.”

Stokes regarded the information for a moment. He seemed to be running calculations in his head, almost muttering to himself as he did so. "Well without more information there won't be much we can offer in terms of an assessment. What is our current inventory of probes?"

“Standard compliment,” Daniel answered, “We haven’t really used any since we left Cestus III.”

"Hmmm..." Stokes replied " Perhaps we could modify one of those probes to act as a reconnaissance probe, similar to a class five probe. How long do you think it would take to make the necessary modifications?" He asked

Yosal could see where the lieutenant was going. The Pendragon’s sensors were fairly advanced, but a dedicated probe might provide them additional insight, not to mention being at less risk of exposure than an entire runabout would be. Unfortunately, they weren’t going to be able to launch a probe from the surface.

“We’re going to have to use one of the probes from the Pendragon, sir,” Yosal pointed out, “or find some other way of deployment.”

"Very well then. Please assign a team to begin the modifications so we can have it ready should the captain decide to pursue that as an option." Stokes turned his gaze toward the PADD he'd been using. On it was displayed a list of systems updates. The reports were not tardy by Starfleet standards, but it wasn't as recent as he would like it to be. "I'd also like a current status report on the main systems, specifically the engines. We may need to be ready to leave the surface should it become necessary. If the commander gives his authorization I'd like to begin the pre-start sequence for the warp reactor as well. The added power will allow us to more readily leverage the ship's systems should they be needed. Do either of you have any thoughts?"

He turned again to the men in front of him. Andrew wasn't certain that he should be exhibiting a command role yet, as he had not even reported for duty, but he felt an alert situation was not the time to be nitpicking over assignment timelines.

“Makes sense to me, sir,” Daniel said. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Aatke nodding slowly in agreement.

"Ok then, let get going. Id like to have a plan of action in place for the staff meeting at 0700. Let's get a line of communications set up between us and the Pendragon. We are going to have to walk them through some modifications to their probe. Mr. Yosal could you please wake up the staff." Stokes didn't want to be too abrupt with his new team. He had a feeling he'd be leaning on Aatke in the coming days in order to make a smooth transition. "Now if you'll excuse me, gentlemen, I should report for duty.

Andrew moved past the two officers to the console at what would be his new office. He placed his palm on the biometric scanner.

"Computer, recognize Lieutenant Stokes, Andrew J." He stated

=/\= Recognized, Stokes, Andrew J, currently assigned to the USS Thames, engineering department, chief of engineering. =/\=

"Computer, Lieutenant Stokes, reporting for duty to the USS Thames as directed by Starfleet command. Request activation of security codes and clearances, authorization 'Stokes-Gamma-four-two-seven'"

=/\= Affirmative, request received. Authorization pending commanding officer approval. Please report to Commander Cassius Whittemore to complete authorization. =/\=

"Well, it looks like I better find the Commander," Stokes said. He tucked the PADD into his pocket. "I'll be back as soon as I report to the bridge."

Walking over to the aft turbo lift. He gave the two men a thank you wave. He was thankful that they hadn't made his arrival challenging. Hopefully, it bade well for his new assignment. Straightening his tunic he glanced at the PADD verifying the data. He took a breath, "Bridge, direct." A small smile crept across his face as the doors closed. 'I think I'm going to like it here.' he thought.


Lieutenant Andrew Stokes
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Thames (NCC-80629)

Ensign Daniel Sheridan
Operations Officer
USS Thames (NCC-80629)

Chief Petty Officer Aatke Yosal
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Thames (NCC-80629)


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