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Wake-Up Call

Posted on Sat Aug 11th, 2018 @ 4:48pm by Captain Cassius Whittemore & Lieutenant JG Antoniu Markov
Edited on on Sat Aug 11th, 2018 @ 4:49pm

Mission: Episode 02: "The Telling"
Location: Whittemore's Quarters (Deck 08), USS Thames
Timeline: Mission Day 02, 0345 Hours

ON: [[Whittemore's Quarters (Deck 08), USS Thames, Mission Day 02, 0345 Hours]]

An insistent chirp cut through the relative quiet of the early morning. Clipped and higher-pitched, the signal was designed to get attention. It sounded again. By the third time, the noise had roused Cassius from his sleep. He rolled onto his side, reached over, and tapped the control surface on his bedside table to activate the ship's intercom.

"Whittemore, here."

=^= Sorry to wake you, commander. =^=

Cassius recognized the voice as belonging to Lieutenant JG Markov. The young man had shown remarkable promise within the ship's tactical department. That much had been apparent, even in the short time Cassius had known him, and had prompted his inclusion in the rotation for officer-of-the-watch. Although Cassius' mind was still a bit foggy from only having just woken up, he was aware enough to realize something was afoot.

"Go ahead, lieutenant," he said.

=^= I'm afraid we have a bit of a situation =^= Markov continued, no doubt recognizing how redundant it may have sounded =^= Our team aboard the Pendragon has identified several contacts on the far side of the planet. =^=

Whatever remaining grogginess Cassius had been feeling evaporated. He knew that, by design, the colony was located some distance from the nearest foreign territory. This was for their own safety and also to reduce the likelihood others would view the colony as a threat to their interests. While it was entirely possible these mysterious contacts were amiable, their relative proximity to the Ritorian Confederacy meant there was still a chance this was some sort of hostile action.

Markov's decision to wake him was understandable. Having to make a final decision that could affect the entire colony, not to mention Federation-Ritorian relations, was perhaps something the young wasn't quite ready for yet.

"Yellow alert, Mister Markov," Cassius said, "I'm on my way."


Commander Cassius Whittemore
Commanding Officer
USS Thames (NCC-80629)

Lieutenant JG Antoniu Markov
Tactical Officer
USS Thames (NCC-80629)


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