Specifications - USS Thames (NCC-80629)

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The USS Thames is a second-generation Norway-class starship constructed at New Aberdeen Shipyards as part of Starfleet’s continued effort to update and diversify its resources. Engineers incorporated upgraded specifications designed following the analysis of technologies brought back and adapted aboard the USS Voyager during that ship’s seven years in the Delta Quadrant.

Introduced in the early 2370s, the Norway-class is designed for long-range scientific exploration and diplomatic missions with specific consideration given to accommodations for a variety of diplomatic assignments. The class utilizes bio-neural gel-packs to augment its computing capability, offers a wide range of multi-adaptive environmental controls, and is equipped with a full scientific suite to enable advanced scientific surveys.

When first commissioned, the Norway-class featured many innovations that would allow it to fulfill both peacetime and combat-oriented duties. This was considered essential in light of Starfleet’s early encounters with the Borg. These innovations included the latest propulsion, defensive, and offensive systems as well as a revolutionary design intended to lessen the profile of the ship, thus making it a smaller target for enemy vessels. Internally, the Norway-class struck a balance between the well-tested features of existing designs like the Galaxy-class and the revolutionary advancements of the Intrepid-class, which was also undergoing development around the same time.

Newer starships have improved upon the capabilities of the Norway-class during the over two decades since its introduction. However, the class has been constantly updated in that time, making the most of new advancements in technology to ensure that it continues to remain among one of Starfleet’s leading multi-role vessels.


Class Norway-class
Type Explorer
Role Medium-Range Exploration & Diplomatic Vessel
Projected Hull Life 80 years
Time Between Resupply 2 years
Time Between Refits 20 years


Length 365 meters
Width 226 meters
Height 52 meters
Decks 15


Crew Compliment 192
Officers 32
Enlisted Crew 160
Civilians 60
Evacuation Capacity 1008


"Efficient" Cruising Velocity Warp 6
Maximum "Sustainable" Velocity Warp 8.4
Emergency Velocity Warp 9.7 (for 12 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Defensive Systems Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Ablative Hull Armor
Structural Integrity Field
Shielding Systems Standard Shielding System
Phasers Type X Phaser Array: 6
Torpedoes Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2
Photon Torpedoes: 50

Auxiliary Craft

Facilities Primary Shuttlebay: 1
Shuttlecraft Type 9 Shuttlecraft Newton
Type 9 Shuttlecraft Somerville
Type 11 Shuttlecraft Shackleton
Type 11 Shuttlecraft Livingstone
Runabouts Flyer-class Runabout Pendragon
Maintenance Craft Workbee-class Cargo Management Unit: 3

Additional Notes

Description The Norway-class is designed to be capable of atmospheric landing.

Source: Pegasus Fleet Ship Database