Season 01

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The crew of the USS Thames welcomes their new Commanding Officer, the temporally displaced Cassius Whittemore, as they begin a third tour of duty in the region known as Galactic South.

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Included Missions

Episode 01: "Exordium"

Post Count: 23

To complete his final evaluation, Commander Whittemore leads the crew of the Thames in helping settle a new Federation colony.

Episode 02: "The Telling"

Post Count: 23

A group of mysterious aliens, intent on making a settlement of their own, upset the plans of the Federation's newest colony.

Episode 03: "Derelict"

Post Count: 0

An unexpected disaster leads the Thames to rescue a Ritorian scout ship.

Episode 04: "Synthesis"

Post Count: 0

Members of the crew balance a symposium, a survey, and some much-needed down time.

Episode 05: "J'accuse"

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Whittemore and his crew must negotiate the release of Federation citizens accused of espionage by the Ritorian Confederacy.