The Sim

Almost twenty years ago, the actions of the combined Federation, Romulan, and Klingon alliance brought about an end to the Dominion War. They proceeded to usher in a new era of peace for both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants that has continued relatively undisturbed to this day.

The absence of a major, quadrant-wide conflict like the Dominion War has allowed Starfleet to once again divert resources toward its primary mission - that of exploration and seeking out new cultures. Starships whose production had been halted during the war years (in favor of the quicker-to-produce, barebones vessels needed for the war effort) are now being constructed and deployed across the Federation. Civilians who were displaced during the war have found homes among existing populations and are making fresh starts for themselves as part of new colonization efforts. Diplomacy and mutual cooperation have become the focus of those seeking to build upon the peace so hard-won.

In 2386, Starfleet Command authorized the reconstituting of the Eleventh Fleet under the command of then-Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez. The newly reorganized fleet was given responsibility for a patrol zone covering the galactic-south of Federation territory. Although claimed by the Federation, much of the area remained largely unexplored with the furthest reaches not having been visited by Starfleet since the five-year missions of the USS Enterprise. Within a few short years, however, the Eleventh Fleet had grown. They soon established sufficient control over the region that Starfleet Command expanded the fleet’s responsibilities to include operational support in other parts of the Federation as well.

Shared borders with the Tholian Assembly, the Klingon Empire, the Gorn Hegemony, and the Ritorian Confederacy continue to present unique opportunities and challenges for the members of the Eleventh Fleet. It is within this southern-most area that the Norway-class USS Thames currently operates under the command of Captain Cassius Whittemore.