Lieutenant Vatt Ziratt

Name Vatt Ziratt

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Birth Date Stardate 6363.35 (Pre-2323 system), Earth Date 24 September 2267
Birth Location Bolarus IX

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78 m
Weight 81 kg
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Orange
Physical Description Trademark blue, Bolian skin. Bald head with dark blue mottled striping running perpendicular to skull ridge. Dark orange eyes. Average humanoid height. Stocky, sturdy build.

Family Data

Father Rakin Viratt
Mother Oratia Viratt, mother (birth); Seves Viratt, mother (co-mother)
Sister(s) Gyndra Viratt, sister (younger, full)
Fymis Viratt, sister (younger, half)

Personality Profile

General Overview Warm, friendly, gregarious. Easy to make friends with, but difficult to get close to. Likes to please but is career-driven. General mood is muted by the losses that he suffered as a result of his temporal displacement.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mathematics (+)
Creative (+)
Friendly (+)

Task Driven (-)
Temporally Displaced (-)
Emotional Baggage (-) (loss of entire family following displacement)
Ambitions & Goals Hopes to be given command of a starship one day.
Wants to explore areas of the galaxy previously unknown to Federation civilization.
Hobbies & Interests Holonovels
Listening to music
Aqua sports
Languages English, Bolian

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Born on Bolarus IX, Bolian Homeworld


Vatt grew up on Bolarus in the city of Res’lar as part of a traditional multi-partner family. He has one half brother and one full-blooded brother. His father, Rakin, was a weapons officer in the Bolian Fleet. His birth mother, Oratia, was a professional musician on Bolarus, and his co-mother was a professor of history at the University of Res’lar.

Vatt’s childhood and upbringing was rather privileged even by Bolian standards. His father held a prominent position in the combined Bolian fleet. His father was a young man in the primary Bolian fleet at the time of Bolian unification and admittance into the Federation. Vatt’s mothers kept the home fires burning while his father was on deployment, and ensured that Vatt and his siblings stayed on track with their studies.

Vatt excelled in his studies in school, especially in the sciences. His younger sisters took more to his birth mother, and were more creatively inclined. His sister was strongly involved in musical groups in school, and his half-sister Fymis was a very good artist.

To his father’s delight, and to his mother’s dismay, he took the Starfleet entrance exam upon graduating from preparatory school and was accepted into the class of 2289. His sisters were much younger than him, and were still in secondary school when he left Bolarus IX for Earth.

Career History

Starfleet Training Starfleet Academy

Vatt was one of the few Bolians in Starfleet at the time, owing to Bolarus IX’s relatively new membership in the Federation. The relative isolation from his people didn’t bother him though - he found being in the new location quite exciting. He was accepted on an Engineering track with a major in high-energy physics.

Vatt continued to excel at the Academy, showing an uncommon knack for solving warp field equations with minimal calculator assistance.

Vatt made friends easily, owing to his gregarious nature. He filled the standard Bolian archetype rather well, and was able to befriend his colleagues and professors quickly. However, while he made friends easily he found making truly close friends difficult. It wasn’t from a lack of wanting, but his studies kept him rather busy. While he was friendly, sometimes his dedication to the task at hand could make him be perceived as slightly out of touch by others.

He was able to stay in subspace communications with his family on Bolarus quite regularly, but he could only travel home during the longer academy breaks. It was a big change for him, as he had scarcely left Bolarus beforehand.

He graduated near the top of his class, and earned an assignment aboard the USS Endeavor, a refit Constitution-class vessel upon being given his Ensign’s commission.
Career History Career History

Vatt made his debut as a general Engineering officer on the Endeavor for the first three years of his career. His assignment took him near to Bolarus somewhat regularly, and he was able to take a brief shore leave twice a year to visit home. He progressed well aboard the Endeavor and showed an ability to work well with a team and come up with creative solutions to Engineering problems.

At the end of his tour on the Endeavor, he was recommended for a promotion and reassignment to the USS Mars, a refit Siva-class destroyer. He served as the Warp Systems officer for a three-year tour. The Mars had a much different assignment than the Endeavor, and his tour there took him into conflict on several occasions towards the end of the Klingon-Federation Cold War. When the Khitomer Accords were signed, the newfound peace was a welcome change for the Quadrant (Vatt included).

In 2294, Vatt was promoted in position to become the Assistant Chief Engineer aboard the USS Richelieu, a new Miranda-class vessel. He found the assignment to be more in line with his initial goals of joining Starfleet - exploration and investigation, rather than being a warrior. He was fitting in well, and his career was moving along to a tremendous start. Unfortunately, the Richelieu was caught in a temporal anomaly during an exploration assignment in a stellar nursery near the Delta Triangle in 2295. The ship was unable to be found by Federation forces and was declared lost.

Integration into the 24th century

To the members of the Richelieu, no time had passed between their disappearance and their recovery. In a moment, the galaxy they knew was gone, and a new one was in its place. Much to Vatt’s despair, the Temporal Investigation team that was assigned to their integration determined that the Richelieu could not return to its original timeline. His family was lost to him forever.

After the ship’s crew had been debriefed, he was given the option to be decommissioned or to continue in Starfleet. Seeing as his immediate family had all already passed away from natural causes, he surmised that his only family remaining at this point was Starfleet. He took the offer to continue and returned to Starfleet Academy for retraining and integration counseling.

Before he returned to Earth, he was able to take a month to return to Bolarus IX. He was astounded at the advances in technology that had been made in the moment that he had been removed from the timeline. The journey home that usually took weeks and weeks now only took several days. He was able to visit his home and the gravesites of his family. He reconnected with his distant relatives, his sisters’ children and their families. They were very generous with their fellowship, but Vatt knew he did not quite belong in that place anymore.

Vatt returned to the Academy for his retraining. Even though he was nearly a century out of date, math was math, and he was still one of the best. He showed the professors he was more than capable of performing engineering duties in this century.

He was also something of a curiosity for the history professors, as he was a first-hand witness to a time long past. He found it cathartic to talk about his past. It helped to make sense of the strange experience of losing himself in time.

After completing a year of training, he was given a probationary post in the Utopia Planitia Shipyard proving grounds. He was made the team manager of one of the warp systems assessment teams. While he was there, he was able to get his hands on all of the latest ship classes and explore all of the newest technologies first hand. He enjoyed his work as it constantly changed and it kept him well occupied - too occupied to dwell on the past anymore.

After demonstrating that the could truly continue to function in Starfleet in this era, Vatt was placed on fully active status. Coincidentally, his commanding officer from the Richelieu, Commander Whittemore, had also been reactivated and been given command of the USS Thames, a Norway-class science and diplomatic vessel. Whittemore was in need of a Chief Engineer, and asked for his fellow time-traveller to be assigned to the Thames.


Service Record 2285-2289 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Engineering Track)
2289-2291 - Ensign, USS Endeavor NCC-1895 (Constitution-class refit), Engineering Officer
2291-2294 - Lt. J.G., USS Mars NCC-525 (Siva-class refit), Warp Systems Officer
2294-2295 - Lt. J.G., USS Richelieu (Miranda-class), Assistant Chief Engineer
2295-2390 - Temporally Displaced
2390-2391 - Lt. J.G., Starfleet Academy (Re-education, integration)
2391-2392 - Lt. J.G., Utopia Planitia Proving Grounds, Warp Field Assessment Manager, Team B-3
2392- Lt., USS Thames NCC-80629 (Norway-class), Chief Engineer