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Lieutenant Adessa Barra

Name Adessa Barra MD

Position Counselor

Second Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographical Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Birth Date November 2, 2360
Birth Location Betazed

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Adessa is naturally slender and of medium height. She has a warm, wide smile, and large eyes that tend to make her appear more serious and stoic than she actually is.

Family Data

Father Joval Barra
Mother Mirali Barra
Brother(s) Rillan Barra (deceased)
Sister(s) N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality Profile

Ambitions & Goals Personal - Adessa’s relationship with her mother has been strained since the death of her brother. Following several years of sporadic contact on Adessa’s part, she finally feels ready to pursue a healthier, more loving relationship. In that same vein, Adessa hopes to have a loving, healthy family of her own and looks forward to having her own children one day.

Professional - After several years as a Starfleet Officer, Adessa has found a pleasing balance in her Starfleet career. She thoroughly enjoys her work as a counselor and intends to remain as one for some time to come, but is also considering joining the Diplomatic Corps on a more permanent basis at some point in the future.
Hobbies & Interests Adessa is an animal lover and has a Betazoid cat (Swix) as well as an exotic aquarium in her quarters. She loves music of all varieties, particularly upbeat music that’s easy to dance to, and is a great believer in the healing properties of music. Her love of adventure and far-off destinations leads her to spend a good deal of her free time in the holodeck, and she is always looking to add more holo-novels to her collection.
Languages Federation Standard, Betazoid, Ferengi (conversational)

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Personal History:

Adessa was born on November 2, 2360 in Bria Province on Betazed. The youngest of Joval and Mirali Barra’s two children, she was raised in comfort and infused with confidence during her formative years. As a daughter of the Second House of Betazed, Dessa took great pride in her heritage and was fascinated by all the old customs of the Great Houses of Betazed.

She idolized her brother Rillan, who, at seven years her senior, was less than thrilled that his little sister insisted on doing everything he did and following him around like his shadow. By the time he left to study at the University of Betazed in 2369, however, a then nine-year-old Dessa had finally worn him down, and despite the age difference, the pair were very close.

School never proved much of a chore for Adessa, who loved both to learn and to socialize. Her laid-back approach and easy-going attitude helped her be a friend to all, though her best friend by far was Archana Mandoren. Archana was a half-human, half-Betazoid whose Betazoid father had recently relocated the family from Earth to Betazed. Archana’s love of adventure stories proved contagious, and the pair could often be found in the school library.

Adessa had an early interest in diplomacy. Inspired by the stories of adventure she devoured from dozens of cultures, she had a burgeoning dream to leave Betazed and see as much of the galaxy as she could. The idea of interacting face-to-face with any number of exotic species was especially appealing, and as her grandmother Elorit Barra had been a successful diplomat herself, Adessa rather liked the idea of continuing in the family business, so to speak.

Her family was thrilled when Rillan completed his studies at university in 2373 and immediately began working as an aide for a family friend who happened to be a well-liked and well-placed government official in the capital city of Rixx. This meant that he visited home less and less frequently, and while Dessa missed him, she was happy that he seemed to be enjoying a successful and fulfilling career.

Adessa’s childhood ended in no uncertain terms in 2374, when the Dominion’s Jem’Hadar and Cardassian forces made a violent bid to occupy Betazed. Dessa was 14 and at school when the invasion began, and she and her classmates were forced to shelter in place for a long twelve hours. By then the battle had been lost, and Adessa was fortunate enough to reach home safely thanks to the efforts of her protective teachers.

What followed were several long, hellish months of life under occupation powers. Although spared the worst of the initial invasion, the Barra family struggled like other Betazoids to avoid the violence and mistreatment doled out by their Jem’Hadar oppressors. They found themselves extremely fortunate under the circumstances and were able to keep their home and stay together, unlike many of their neighbors who were sent to labor camps.

It wasn’t until the end of the occupation in 2375 that they learned where their good fortune stemmed from. They had had only sporadic contact with Rillan throughout the occupation, and learned to their great heartbreak that he had been killed mere weeks before the planet was liberated.

This, sadly, was not the end of the tragedy. It was soon discovered that Rillan, through his position in the government, had divulged sensitive information in exchange for his family’s safety. Devastated at learning that her son was branded a collaborator, Mirali refused from that day on to acknowledge that she had ever had a son, doing all she could to erase the memory of his existence completely.

Adessa’s arguments to keep her brother’s memory alive were completely and utterly ignored. She spent the next three years alternately mourning her brother in silence and chafing under her mother’s increasingly suffocating attention. Dessa benefitted from the careful guidance of a school counselor and found great relief in being able to unburden herself in that way. Her goal to become a diplomat for the Federation and thereby escape home became the central focus of her life, and she was nearly obsessed with attaining excellent grades and other scholastic achievements in order to assure her acceptance into Starfleet Academy.

In 2378, Adessa applied to and was accepted by the Academy. Ignoring her mother’s pleas to stay on Betazed, Dessa happily journeyed to Earth to begin a new phase in her life.

Career History

Starfleet Training Academy History:

Starfleet Academy was everything Dessa had hoped it would be and more. She made fast friends with her roommate Leda Threk and threw herself into every extracurricular activity she could find time for, with archery being her favorite new hobby by far. It was Leda who introduced her to the glorious world of human junk food, leading to Adessa’s newfound love of pizza and cheeseburgers.

On a whim, Adessa took an introduction to psychology course her first semester, feeling certain it would benefit her in her future career as a diplomat. She found it utterly fascinating and, hungry to learn more, signed up for the follow up course the next semester. Considering how a kind counselor had helped her so greatly in her time of need, Adessa found herself seriously toying with the idea of pursuing psychology and eventually psychiatry. After meeting with an academic advisor to confirm that a career in psychology could complement a career in diplomacy, Adessa put all of her energy into her dual major status.

Using the same dedication that had helped her excel as a young student on Betazed, Adessa was among the top of her class by the time she completed her studies at the Academy with degrees in psychology and diplomatic studies in 2382. She immediately transitioned to Starfleet Medical, and spent the next two years in advanced studies in psychiatry.

In 2384, with the help of clever and supportive advisors, Dessa interned as a counselor and a diplomatic attaché to Ansen Dormel, the Chief Diplomat on the Sovereign-class USS Victoria, to both begin her career in Starfleet and complete her work on her doctorate.
Career History Career History:

Although the Dominion War had been over for several years, there was still much that needed to be accomplished to usher in a new era of peace for the Federation. Members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps were at the front lines of this effort, including Adessa. The Victoria journeyed toward Breen space, and Diplomat Dormel, with Dessa constantly present as his attaché, made great strides in assisting rebuilding efforts on planets formerly under Breen control and reestablishing ties between their governments and the Federation.

Dormel readily took Adessa under his wing, and though their relationship was by and large strictly professional, Dessa looked to him as a sort of mentor. His ability to put everyone at ease but still hold firm under difficult circumstances inspired Adessa, and she strove to emulate him as she learned from his example. Throughout her two years aboard the Victoria, Dessa also worked closely with Talia Hooper, ship’s Chief Counselor, and found that her role as both a diplomat and counselor in training complemented each other as well as she’d hoped.

By 2387, Adessa’s internship officially ended, and she was ready to return to Starfleet Academy for one last semester before earning her doctorate in psychiatry. At the beginning of 2388, she proudly became Dr. Adessa Barra, and was eager to begin her career as a fully qualified psychiatrist and diplomat.

Without the guidance of her mentors aboard the Victoria, however, Adessa discovered that juggling both roles of a diplomatic officer and a counselor was easier said than done. Joining the crew of the USS MacArthur, an Ambassador-class starship bound for Ferenginar, Dessa uneasily eased into life as a Starfleet Ensign. Social creature that she was, she made friends fairly quickly, but put so much time into her duties and her social calendar - and so little time into actually sleeping - that she soon found herself thoroughly exhausted and somewhat disenchanted with her career choice.

Fortunately, this period was short-lived. Striking the right balance between work, play, and sleep, Adessa found her confidence and her joy once again, and the challenges that her work on Ferenginar brought successfully distracted her from any lingering concerns from her new career. Adessa was instrumental in helping to negotiate a trade dispute between members of the Ferengi Alliance and some of their disgruntled neighbors. Because both parties refused to move so much as an inch, Adessa and the other diplomatic officers remained for three months, tirelessly attending negotiation after negotiation before all but strong-arming the Ferengi representatives into backing down from their outlandish and near criminal terms.

Working with the Ferengi was challenging, frustrating, and at times, even grueling, but Adessa loved every moment of it and had a surprisingly enjoyable time while on Ferenginar. Though she largely remained aboard the MacArthur in orbit above the planet when not in negotiations, she managed to meet several interesting Ferengi while on the planet’s surface. Though initially a novice in games of chance, Dessa discovered that she had consistent luck in gambling, which made her something of an infamous figure among several gambling establishments while off-duty.

With the negotiations on Ferenginar successfully completed, the MacArthur took its delegation of diplomats to Andaroth next, a planet that had been languishing in civil war for over thirty years. To help with peace talks between the warring factions there, Adessa and several other diplomatic officers from Starfleet remained for a full year. This was by far and away Dessa’s most difficult task to date, and there were times when she and her fellow diplomats were sure that the civil war would flair up all over again despite their best efforts. Though tensions remained on the planet’s surface, peace terms were finally agreed upon, and Adessa left the war-torn world behind in 2389 to join the USS Carthage as it headed back towards Ferengi Alliance space, a newly minted Lieutenant-JG thanks to her efforts on Andaroth.

Emotionally drained from her work on Andaroth, Adessa was delighted to focus more of her time and energy as a counselor for this new assignment. The next three years of her career were largely devoted to accompanying the Carthage’s crew in exploring new worlds beyond Cardassian space. On a handful of occasions, Dessa participated in deep cover immersion missions on pre-warp planets. On those planets that had already reached warp capability, Adessa was always on hand to ensure that first contact between Starfleet and these new species went as smoothly as possible. In 2391, she was promoted to the ship’s Assistant Chief Counselor as well as a Lieutenant.

In 2392, Adessa was given the opportunity to transfer to the USS Thames, a Norway-class ship under the command of one Captain Whittemore. Ready for a fresh change of scenery, Dessa accepted the new assignment, and joined the Thames as its Counselor and Diplomatic Officer.


Service Record Cadet: Starfleet Academy (2378-2382)
Cadet: Starfleet Medical (2382-2384)
Cadet: Intern, USS Victoria (2384-2387)
Ensign: Diplomatic Officer and Counselor, USS MacArthur (2388)
Lieutenant JG: Diplomatic Officer and Counselor, USS Victoria (2389-2391)
Lieutenant: Diplomatic Officer and Assistant Chief Counselor, USS Victoria (2391-2391)
Lieutenant: Diplomatic Officer and Counselor, USS Thames (2392 - )