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Lieutenant Commander Jackson Makino

Name Jackson Makino

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birth Date Jan 9th 2356
Birth Location Takanara II (Human Colony)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 125lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown

Family Data

Father Charles Makino (2315)
Mother Michiru Makino (nee Miyasaki)(2330)

Personality Profile

Strengths & Weaknesses • Charismatic/Natural Leader (+)
• Quick Witted (+)
• True Believer(Federation) (+)

• Completely Career Driven (-)
• Isolated From Family (-)
Hobbies & Interests • Performance Arts (Singing, Dancing and Stage Acting)
• Marathon Running
• Collecting Insects
Languages English, Japanese, Conversational Rigelian, Broken Orion

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Childhood (2356-2374)

Haruna was born on the Human Colony world Takanara II to the wealthy owners of an Industrial corporation. The colony had been established very early in Earths colonial era (2070's to 2150's) by people who wished to isolate themselves from the rest of Humanity. The citizens of this world have maintained independence from the Federation from the beginning and by the late 24th century the planet had become an important industrial hub to nearby worlds close to the edge of the Klingon Empire.

Her childhood was easy and she never wanted for anything. She was encouraged to peruse her own interests from an early age but she was also expected to prepare herself to take over the family business as an adult.
When she was 8 years old her parents hired a tutor to be her full time at-home teacher, the woman was a retired Starfleet Lieutenant named Rachel Clarke. Haruna and Rachel became inseparable, pending the first half of each day studying but the second half on adventures on the household holo-deck or in the city nearby.

In 2373 when Haruna was 17 the Dominion War began and after a short time Rachel was recalled to active duty. Having been out of the service for more than a decade- Rachel had the option to refuse but she had a strong sense of duty. Haruna was infuriated with her friend and couldn't understand why she had elected to put her life in danger when she could avoid it.
Four months later Haruna learned that the ship Lieutenant Clarke served aboard was destroyed- all hands lost. She was devastated.

By her birthday in 2374 Haruna had come to terms with the loss of her friend and she had finally begun to understand Rachel's motivation. Starfleet mattered. To Rachel, the Federation had been the single most important institution in the galaxy- she had been a true believer in it's purpose and cause. Haruna- influenced by these lofty ideals secretly applied to Starfleet academy and was quickly accepted.

Her parents forbade her to leave Takanara II and refused to fund a shuttle to Earth and so with determined defiance Haruna spent her own savings to hitch a ride aboard a freighter.

Career History

Starfleet Training Starfleet Academy (2374-2378)

Haruna entered her first year as a Cadet in March 2374, her entry tests indicated she possessed the necessary talents to study Games and Theory. As an Intelligence Cadet she spent the next year learning strategy and anthropology with emphasis on new information regarding the Dominion.
The atmosphere at the academy was tense- many fourth year cadets were called up a full year early to replace lost officers. Those in Haruna's class had to a person joined knowing full well that their careers could be brief, and a few careers were ended before they started- when the Breen attacked San Francisco.

As the war ended in late 2375 Haruna and many other Cadets breathed a sigh of relief but their outlook on their careers had been permanently marked by it. In 2376 Haruna was nominated for the Cadet Service program and transferred to Starfleet Intelligence to work while she finished her degrees. She became involved in studying Dominion tactics and worked as part of a large team developing strategies to thwart them should they return.
In 2377 Haruna was put in charge of overseeing the new 3rd year cadets that entered the program- it was her first direct experience with leadership and she received commendation for her performance.

Haruna graduated in 2378 and chose to return home for a few weeks before starting her first tour of duty. Her parents had mostly forgiven her defiance of their wishes- her father proved more difficult than her mother who was just happy to see her daughter alive.
Career History Starfleet Career (2378-Present)

The visit was brief and by late April 2378 Haruna started her first assignment as an Ensign- Junior Strategist for Starfleet Intelligence's Department of Operational Awareness.

She was involved in the analysis of Intelligence from a number of strategic areas around the Federation but as her time on Earth progressed she began to develop a specialization on the Klingon Empire and Gorn Hegemony. By the end of 2381 she was working on projects relating to those two factions almost exclusively and was transferred to the division on Cestus III in early 2382.

A few weeks after arriving Haruna was promoted to Lieutenant Jg. and given directorship over a small team analyzing data coming from the Gorn Hegemony. Her team and it's functions were slowly expanded over the next three years and by late 2385 she had turned her team into a near autonomously functioning task group.

In 2386 she was promoted to Lieutenant and given full command of the Cestus III Intelligence analysis division. Her time was spent largely writing reports and organizing independent teams. She appreciated the trust that the facilities director had placed in her but as the year went on she realized that she wasn't on the career track that she truly desired. She wanted to command a starship- to be in the field making a real difference.

In early 2388 Haruna's application to transfer to the Galaxy Class USS Jericho was accepted by Starfleet. She was assigned as the ships Strategic Operations Officer and was tasked with coordinating the operations and movements of ships in a small task force deployed in the Romulan Empire to aid civilians after the Hobus Supernova.

In 2390 the Captain of the Jericho promoted Haruna to Lt. Commander and submitted to starfleet that she was ready for service as an Executive Officer. A month later the position opened on the Norway Class USS Thames and Haruna accepted the transfer.

-USS Thames History TBD-


Service Record • Cadet – Tactical Analysis and Games & Theory, Starfleet Academy [2374 – 2378]
**** Cadet Field Assignment, Starfleet Intelligence [2377-2378]
• Ensign – Junior Strategist / Analyst I, Starfleet Intelligence (Earth) [2379-2381]
• Lieutenant JG – Junior Strategist / Analyst II, Starfleet Intelligence (Cestus III) [2382-2385]
• Lieutenant – Senior Strategist / Head Analyst, Starfleet Intelligence (Cestus III) [2386-2387]
• Lieutenant – Strategic Operations, USS Jericho (Galaxy Class) [2388-2389]
• Lieutenant Commander – Executive Officer, USS Thames (Norway Class) [2390-2392]