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Lieutenant Andrew Stokes

Name Andrew Jason Stokes

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birth Date 05/07/2364
Birth Location Lunar One, Earth, Sol System

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82m
Weight 86 kg
Hair Color brown
Eye Color cobalt blue
Physical Description Average human build slightly athletic build

Family Data

Father Tucker Stokes
Mother Martha Stokes
Sister(s) Vanessa Stokes
Marital Status Single
Spouse na
Children na
Other Family na
Friends & Relationships Best friend - Victor Kent Currently employed with Andrew's Father on earth at the family Engineering firm. Victor and Andrew grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same schools all the way up to the academy. Victor's younger sister Sara is currently dating Andrew's sister Vanessa.

Personality Profile

General Overview Andrew is a very introverted person. Not one for much socialization, he is slow to make friends, a problem he is trying to overcome. The sum of his close friendships all relates to his studies. Stemming from either group projects or partners or people he tutored. He is fascinated at how things work and will often take things apart to determine such. His personal area is often littered with half-completed projects and endeavors. His Professional area is the complete opposite. His friends at the academy often jokingly said he had a split personality. He is friendly and shy. But in a work environment, he is driven and focused on solving whatever problem lays in front of him. He is very possessive of things left in his care, a trait shared by many engineers
Strengths & Weaknesses STR - Creative thinking and problem analysis, Eidetic memory,
WK - Not strong in social situations that involve no problems to solve. He struggles to disengage his brain. Techno speak
Ambitions & Goals becoming a member of SCOE
Hobbies & Interests Model shipbuilding, Guitar, poker
Languages English, Vulcan, Romulan

Personal Relationships

Family Andrew maintains a normal relationship with his family and friends from home.
Romantic Relationships A fellow Cadet, Alexandria Nortel became very close with him while they were at the academy. Unrealized to Andrew she had romantic feelings for him that he was oblivious to.
Friendships He made a few friends at the academy that he still keeps in touch with.
Acquaintances Victor Kent (M) Human
Sara Kent (F) Human

Jefferson Smithe (M)
Alex Nortel (F) Human
Sina Daxum (M) Andorian
T'Req (M) Vulcan
Torna Jimsan (F) Catian

Personal History

Personal History Andrew was born on the lunar settlement of earth. His father was a civilian engineer and his mother a member of the local educational administration. As a child, he was fascinated with technology and could often be found in his father's workshop taking things apart, despite his father's protestations otherwise.

At the age of 8, he won the lunar science fair with a project designed to use inertia in a vacuum to create a perpetual engine. While the project was unsuccessful, his methodology and creative thinking were enough to get the attention of one of his parent's colleagues who was in Starfleet R&D. Andrew's fascinations were no longer frowned upon, but rather encouraged.

After graduating secondary school, Andrew enrolled in Starfleet Academy. His father was slightly disappointed as he'd wanted his son to come to work with him. His younger sister has also enrolled in Starfleet. She is currently a first-year cadet in the command program.
Education Lunar colony -primary and secondary education

Career History

Starfleet Training Andrew enrolled in Starfleet academy immediately after graduating from secondary school. His father’s friend in Starfleet R&D sponsored him for admission and helped him to get integrated into the academy fairly quickly.

During his sophomore year he elected to augment to his education by taking an auxiliary course in advanced engineering practices. This course would be the key to his choosing to follow the engineering track at the academy. He would subsequently add to his course work each year with an additional engineering auxiliary course

During his time at the academy he excelled in his engineering courses. But he did struggle in developing relationships outside of his discipline. A fellow cadet named Alexandria Nortel was his closest friend and often stood up for him in awkward social situations. A few more friendships developed through interaction on projects or tutoring. But none were as close as Alex. He almost felt like she cared for him similar to how he took care of his little sister. Little did Andrew know, she felt more than he did.

Andrew and Alexandria jointly co-authored their senior thesis, Advanced Warp Field Geometry: Applications of field geometry and generation, as a method of disrupting establishment of new fields.

Not only did they present it in front of their department heads, but they were also asked to give a secondary presentation to members of the division of Starship Strategy and Tactics. After this presentation, he and Alex went out to celebrate their success with their close friends. During the evening’s festivities, and after a few drinks, he and Alex were sharing a quiet moment which almost developed into a kiss. But they were interrupted by one of their friends.

The moment missed, never came again. Soon after both graduated and were sent to their individual postings. Andrew will sometimes wonder in his quiet moments of memory if he is misremembering the movement and it actually wasn’t anything.

Completed basic Starfleet Academy
Completed Advanced Engineering auxiliary course
Completed Starship Systems auxiliary course
Completed theoretical warp systems design and application
Career History Deployed to USS Daring – Warp Specialist

– Theoretical Propulsion Team, Advanced Design Bureau,



After his deployment at a starbase Andrew yearned to be back amongst the stars. When his deployment ended he requested redeployment to a starship. He also asked to be placed in a department where he could further his development as an engineering officer. He took a position as a computer systems specialist on the USS Allegiant, a Steamrunner class ship. His time on the Allegiant was not too eventful. He was able to develop his skills and further his knowledge of starship operations. During his deployment he was part of the team which was tasked with rebuilding the Allegiants secondary computer core as it had been damaged when the FTL field sub processor suffered an overload causing a cascade failure in the field generation matrix. The secondary core had to be repaired while the ship was deployed as the allegiant was serving picket duty on the DMZ and could not be relieved. The project was difficult, but his predilection for taking things apart served him well. He also gained experience in making adaptive repairs using materials on hand to serve other purposed than they were intended.


The completion of the core rebuild was a positive mark on his service record. It helped him to advance him to the notice of Fleet command. His name appeared on the list of promotable officers to department head positions. This helped him to be recruited to the position of deputy chief engineer on board the USS Relentless.

While on the Relentless, Andrew became immersed in the day to day operations of the engineering department. The was mainly due to the fact that the Relentless, a Saber class starship, having such a small crew compliment. With a crew of 40, every person on board was required to not only fulfill their primary duties, but also train in a backup capacity. The Relentless’ captain, was a firm believer in redundancy. His role as deputy chief of engineering often left him covering not only the engineering floor, but also running the department when the chief was tasked with serving in a command capacity. There were many times when he’d work a 12 hour shift in engineering. During one such shift, his entire life would be changed by a brave act of a colleague.

During a routine mission transporting supplies to the colonists on Drakar IV, the Relentless ran into a gravimetric subspace field eddy. They were traveling at warp when the port nacelle ran afoul of the trailing edge of the field. The Relentless was ripped from warp as the warp field collapsed. The stress from the sudden drop out of warp overwhelmed the internal dampeners and the structural integrity field causing critical damage to several key systems.

Stokes and the Relentless’ Chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Carhal were in engineering affecting repair and restoring the ships engines. Stokes and Carhal had made remarkable progress and had restored the ships main power and had begun a cold restart of the warp reactor. Stokes was standing in front of the secondary plasma conduit consulting the readings on a PADD with Carhal. Suddenly the EPS flow regulator failed causing the plasma conduit to rupture to the compartment. Moments later Stokes found himself on the ground a few meters away. He began to give orders to his team to seal off the damaged conduit. As he looked around, he noticed Carhal was nowhere to be found.

It would be discovered after reviewing the security footage from the event, that Carhal had noticed the rupture as it happened, and had shoved Stokes out of the way to safety. In doing so however, he exposed himself to the full force of the plasma rupture. Carhal had been vaporized in an instant.

Once the Relentless had made it back to port, Stokes had been promoted to acting chief of engineering. He was praised for leading his team in repairing the ship and helping them get back to port despite the tragedy that had occurred.

Three months later, following the standard investigation into the death of a senior officer. The board of inquiry closed the case on LtCmdr Carhal’s death. The closure of the investigation allowed The Captain of the Relentless to officially promote Stokes to a full Lieutenant and the permanent Chief of Engineering on board the USS Relentless. Stokes held the position for eleven months before he requested a transfer to the USS Thames. He cited his desire to continue to gain exposure to different ships and designs in an effort to further his career in the fleet.

He would never admit to anyone, often times not even to himself, that part of him, in the small corners of his mind, he felt guilty for Carhal’s death. In some instances he almost felt haunted by what had happened. Outwardly he used this guilt to make himself the best engineer he could be. To be worthy of the sacrifice that had been made for him. Lieutenant Andrew Stokes, Chief Engineer, was driven by a specter of his past, forever driving him, toward the future.


Service Record 9/2368-6/2374: Elementary School – Public
2/2374-6/2378: Middle School – Public
9/2378-6/2382: High School – Public


9/2382-/2386: Starfleet Academy:

- Freshman Year – Standard Track

- Sophmore Year – Engineering specialization declared
o Completed Advanced Engineering auxiliary course

- Junior Year
o Completed Starship Systems auxiliary course

- Senior Year
o Completed Theoretical Warp Systems Design and Application
o Completed and published Thesis Advanced Warp Field Geometry: Applications of field geometry and generation, as a method of disrupting establishment of new fields.


9/2386-10/2387: USS Daring – Warp Engine Specialist, Ensign

10/2387-10/2390: Starbase 47 – Theoretical Propulsion Team, Advanced Design Bureau, Ensign

10/2390-5/2390: USS Allegiant – Computer Systems Specialist, Ensign

5/2390-2/2391: USS Relentless – Deputy Chief of Engineering, LTJG

2/2391-5/2391: USS Relentless – Acting Chief of Engineering, LTJG (Field promotion)

5/2391-4/2392: USS Relentless – Chief of Engineering. LT


04/2392-Present: USS Thames – Chief of Engineering, LT