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Ensign Daniel Sheridan

Name Daniel Jacob Sheridan

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Federation Starfleet
Birth Date 23 June 2369

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 152 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Sheridan is of mostly average appearance for a human. He stands almost six feet tall with hazel eyes and short, brown hair. Growing up, Sheridan often preferred to wear his hair longer. More recently, however, he has started cutting it short simply as a way of trying something different. It was around this time that Sheridan also chose to grow out his facial hair (which has had the added benefit of causing people to see him less as a "kid").

Being involved in theater has given Sheridan some appreciation of fashion, though he rarely concerns himself with making a stand-out appearance outside of performances. He typically wears a simple tunic (long or short-sleeved) and slacks when off-duty. Depending on the occasion, he might sometimes accent the ensemble with a vest or jacket where appropriate.

Family Data

Father Timothy Sheridan (Deceased)
Isamu Nakashima (Step-Father)
Mother Abigail Sheridan
Brother(s) Yoshirou Nakashima (Step-Brother)
Sister(s) Aiko Nakashima (Step-Sister)
Youko Nakashima (Step-Sister)
Marital Status Single

Personality Profile

Ambitions & Goals Above all, Sheridan wants to be seen and heard for who he is. He wants to express himself in ways that can be understood (and reciprocated) by others. This desire to share his own story has made him curious about the stories of others. He wants to educate people as well as entertain them. Using his talents and interests to improve people's lives or to address particular issues brings him a certain satisfaction.

Sheridan does not see himself as a career Starfleet officer. He hopes to eventually reach a point where he can leave Starfleet and focus entirely on his creative interests. Pursuing a higher degree or seeking additional training to improve his technique are both options Sheridan might consider. He might even teach someday. In the meantime, he continues to learn through his own experience and by observing or studying others.

In addition to pursuing creative interests, there is a part of Sheridan that knows he does not want to journey through life alone. The kind of things he's interested in can often be very one-sided in the sense that something is produced by him for others to experience. He wants to be able to share his life with someone who appreciates him for who he is and supports his interests while also giving him the chance to do the same for them.
Hobbies & Interests
  • Acting
  • Drama (Theater & Holo-Programs)
  • Writing (Theater, Digital, & Holo-programs)
  • Photography (Traditional, Digital, & Holography)
  • Journalism (Written, Photographic, & Documentary)
  • Travel (e.g. "Urban Exploration")
  • Hiking
  • Languages Federation Standard

    Personal Relationships

    Family Although initially excited about having new siblings, the experience of becoming part of a blended family proved frustrating and confusing as well. There were times when Sheridan struggled to sort out who he was within the context of his new family. This sense of being "disconnected" contributed to his feeling somehow "set apart" or "different" from others. He also dealt with concerns that fully embracing his new family, particularly his step-father, was somehow a betrayal of his biological father's memory.

    It took a great deal of time, patience, and counseling to work through these things. Since joining Starfleet and moving away from "home", Sheridan has found his relationships with every member of his family continuing to improve. A little distance has given them more opportunities to relate to one another as individuals in their own right. Although there are occasional issues that crop up, many of the earlier feelings of "disconnect" have given way to closer, more healthy relationships.

    Personal History

    Career History


    Service Record
  • Cadet - Subject TBD & Starship Operations, Starfleet Academy [2387-2391]
  • Cadet Field Assignment TBD [2388]
  • Cadet Field Assignment TBD [2389-2390]
  • Cadet Field Assignment, USS Thames [2390-2391]
  • Ensign - Operations Officer, USS Thames [2391-Present]