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Chief Petty Officer Sharon Cole

Name Sharon Cole

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Biographical Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Birth Date August 4, 2269 [Temporally Displaced 95 Years]
Birth Location Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m (5'6")
Weight 50kg (110 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Attractive and athletic, Cole keeps herself fit for duty but allows herself the luxury of looking nice at the same time. Cole has been told that she looks almost exactly like her great-great-grandmother did at that age.

Family Data

Father Derek Williams Cole (b. 30Mar2236, d. 24Mar2324)
Mother Emily Cole (b. 14Apr2235, d. 16Jan2339)
Brother(s) Andrew (2258-2314), Maxwell (2260-2347), Phillip (2265-2354)
Other Family Madeline (2284-2356, Niece); Susan (2287-2363, Niece); Thomas (2290-2354, Nephew); Sherry (2290-2362, Niece); Andy F. (2313-2332, Grandnephew); Ben (2314-2336, Grandnephew); Sharon A. (2310-2379, Grandniece); Phillip G. (2313-2374, Grandnephew); Carrie (2319-2389, Grandniece); Samantha (2323-2392; Grandniece); Hank (2345- , Great-grandnephew); Emily R. (2347- , Great-grandniece); Brianna (2345- , Great-grandniece); Amber (2369- , Great-great-grandniece); Caitlyn (2368- , Great-great-grandniece); Samuel (2369- , Great-great-grandnephew); Sarah (2363- , Great-great-grandniece); Miranda (2381- , Great-great-great-grandniece)

Personality Profile

General Overview While working, Cole maintains a professional attitude and focuses on her tasks and duties. On a mission, she remains driven to accomplish her goals. During training, however, Cole loosens up a little and seems to enjoy herself, and when she’s off-duty she is generally sociable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Following the tradition of her family, Cole trained hard to join Starfleet Security. She is in top physical condition, and skilled with both unarmed and armed combat. She has a good grasp of squad tactics and experience leading security teams into dangerous situations.

While Cole doesn’t shy from social situations – she is quite social, in fact – she does often hide her true feelings under a mask, even if that mask is interactive rather than cold and blank. She has managed to adapt to many aspects of the present century, but she still struggles with others and harbors some distrust of races that were once enemies of the Federation.
Ambitions & Goals Cole wants to follow in her family’s footsteps by serving her best in Starfleet before eventually retiring and settling down to start a family.
Hobbies & Interests Cole enjoys staying active, whether through training, swimming, sports, or outdoor activities.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal Relationships

Personal History

Personal History Sharon Cole was born on Earth to Emily and Derek Cole. Sharon was raised with her three older brothers, preparing to enter Starfleet in the tradition of her family dating back to when her great-great-grandmother served as a MACO on the Enterprise NX-01. With three older brothers to help her, Sharon was already well-prepared when she enlisted in Starfleet.

Career History

Starfleet Training Although she had the grades and ability to enter Starfleet Academy, Cole chose to stick with family tradition and enlist. After basic training on Earth, Cole participated in zero-gravity training at Jupiter Station and survival training on Luna – the same places her family had trained to begin their own Starfleet journeys. Cole was especially pleased when she was able to match the marksman records left by her great-great-grandmother.
Career History Following the completion of her training, Cole was assigned to the USS Richelieu. She started her service as a mere security team member, but in just a year she had proved herself skilled enough to become an assistant team leader. The position offered her the opportunity to gain leadership experience, and two years after that she was elevated to lead a team of her own.

Through hard work and dedication, Cole continued to prove her worth, and in 2394 she was again elevated, this time to hold the position of Assistant Security Chief. Unfortunately, it was a position she held for only a year before the Richelieu was lost in a temporal fracture while investigating a stellar nursery in the Delta Triangle. By the time Richelieu emerged, it was almost a hundred years later.

After counseling from Starfleet’s Temporal Displacement Division, Cole elected to remain enlisted and attempt to integrate into the modern Starfleet. After some additional training, Cole was assigned to a temporary position in the Security department on the USS Oslo. Once her adjustment had been vetted by her counselor, Cole was reassigned to the USS Thames and reconnected with some of her former crewmates.