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Ensign Kaylee Harris

Name Kaylee Marie Harris

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign

Biographical Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Birth Date 06/06/2370
Birth Location Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m (5’6”)
Weight 55kg (121 lbs)
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Looking exactly like the young officer that she is, Harris has a naïve appearance that often leads others to dismiss her. A closer look, however, reveals a keen gaze that seeks to understand more than what the surface reveals.

Family Data

Father Grant Harris (b. 12Aug38)
Mother Helen Case Harris (b. 22Oct39)
Brother(s) Joe Harris (b. 04Jan64); Tim Harris (b. 17Apr66)
Other Family George Case (b. 30Nov08); Mary Potts Case (b. 05Aug13); Harold Harris (b. 12May10)

Personality Profile

General Overview Harris is friendly and outgoing, enjoying pleasant conversation with strangers as much as she enjoys personal time with close friends. She has been noted to help set nervous patients at ease with her easygoing attitude. Harris believes in the inherent good of all beings, and will always seek to draw that out even in her enemies. Although raised in a privileged background, Harris is strongly against discrepancy between classes of society that are more obvious in other cultures of the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses In Sickbay, Harris is skilled and focused on her tasks. She knows her trade well and is excellent at assisting physicians with their patients. Her compassion and optimism allow her to connect with people on a personal level, giving her some insight and influence in their decisions.

Harris opposes violence and intuitively shies away from physical confrontation. Consequently, she barely passed minimal Starfleet combat training and does not do well with fighting. Additionally, her youth and optimism often blind her to some of the darker aspects of the galaxy, and she occasionally offers trust where she should not.
Ambitions & Goals Harris doesn’t have many goals of advancement. She merely wants to see the galaxy, meet new people, and help anyone she can.
Hobbies & Interests In her free time Harris enjoys reading a light romance novel while listening to soft music. She also enjoys horseback riding, although she struggles with the idea of doing so on the holodeck because she prefers making an emotional connection to the horses she works with. Most of all, though, Harris enjoys spending her time socializing and meeting new people.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan

Personal Relationships

Family Grant Harris – Though fostering a loving relationship with her father throughout her childhood, Kaylee’s decision to leave the family business created a rift that has not healed. They are not on speaking terms.

Helen Harris – Kaylee’s mother is more understanding of Kaylee’s decision to leave, but she is still saddened by it and not certain Kaylee did the right thing. Helen maintains a loving, if slightly disappointed, relationship with Kaylee.

Joe and Tim Harris – Kaylee’s older brothers have always looked out for her, but were not overbearing. They made sure that her boyfriends treated her nicely but did so in a friendly manner. When Kaylee decided she wanted to join Starfleet, both of her brothers encouraged her and tried (unsuccessfully) to help convince their father. Both brothers maintain positive contact with Kaylee despite their distance from her.
Romantic Relationships Ken Yates – One of Kaylee’s high school relationships, Ken is only notable because he was hired on by Grant Harris. Grant’s desire to have Ken as a son-in-law is yet another point of contention between father and daughter, but Kaylee has put Ken firmly in her past.

Ben Copeland – Ben and Kaylee met during their second year at the Academy on Cestus III and started dating during their third year. While they were in different tracks – she in nursing, he in flight control – they managed to maintain a relationship through their mismatched schedules and past graduation. However, once Ben received his posting immediately after graduating and Kaylee later received her own posting, they began to grow more distant.
Friendships Olivia Tanner – Kaylee’s roommate throughout her time at Starfleet Academy, Olivia became Kaylee’s closest friend and confidant. From day one they immediately connected, especially after realizing that they had grown up less than a hundred miles from each other. Like Kaylee, Olivia had been unable to get into the Earth campus of Starfleet Academy and unwilling to wait another year. They applied to the nursing program together and were admitted together, and they spent many long nights studying together. By the time they graduated, they had formed a deep personal bond, and maintain that friendship in spite of separate assignments.

Personal History

Personal History In the 19th Century the Harris family established themselves as ranchers in the western United States. Over the next two centuries the family and business prospered, growing in wealth and resources if not fame. They managed to get through the wars (not without losses) and rebuilt themselves into even greater prosperity. By the early 22nd Century they were one of the wealthiest ranch families in the United States. As currency-based wealth began its decline under the New World Economy the Harris family maintained its lands and vocation, continuing to breed and raise horses through the 24th Century.

In 2370 Kaylee Harris was born to Grant and Helen Harris. She was raised in privilege and comfort on the family ranch, wanting for nothing. When Kaylee was five her father took over management of the ranch from her grandfather, and he began grooming Kaylee’s older brothers to follow the same path. As she grew older, however, Kaylee began to think about other options. She certainly enjoyed life on the ranch, especially helping her mother with medical care of the horses, but she often found herself looking up to the stars. Her disinterest in joining the family business did not go unnoticed, and a rift grew between Kaylee and her father.

One of Kaylee’s tutors quietly suggested that she apply to Starfleet, and assisted Kaylee in secretly applying to Starfleet Academy during her last high school years. Unfortunately, her father discovered the application and expressed his displeasure vehemently. Another setback was that Kaylee’s application was not strong enough to get into the San Francisco branch of the Academy. Determined to get in to Starfleet – and to avoid spending another year at home with an irate father – Kaylee applied and was accepted to the Academy campus on Cestus III.

Grant Harris did not see his daughter off, for which Kaylee was hurt but not surprised. Nevertheless, she had the support of her brothers and mother, and they remained in contact with her throughout her Academy career. At the end of her second year she applied to and was accepted into the Starfleet Medical Academy to study nursing, and in the spring of 2392 she graduated and was assigned to the USS Thames as a Nurse.

Career History

Starfleet Training In 2387 Harris began applying to enter Starfleet Academy. Her first choice was the primary campus on Earth, but although her scores were adequate for Starfleet standards she did not meet the elevated restrictions of the most prestigious campus in the Starfleet Academy system. Due to personal reasons, Harris had chosen the Cestus III campus as her fallback option and was fortunate enough to be accepted there.

When Harris began classes in Fall of 2388, she did not initially decide on her course of study. Although she knew that she wanted to be part of Starfleet, she wasn’t sure what skills she could hone to be useful to a ship or station. Over the following year, she came to the decision that she wanted to use the medical skills she had learned helping her mother to become a nurse. She applied to Starfleet Medical and was granted admittance for a two-year nursing program. Finally, in the spring of 2392 Harris graduated and received her commission as an Ensign.
Career History Upon receiving her commission as an Ensign in the spring of 2392, Harris was assigned to a medical facility on Cestus III. She used this position to further hone her skills in a real-world setting. Later that year, Harris was finally assigned to her first tour of duty on a ship: the USS Thames.


Service Record 09/88-05/90 Starfleet Academy, Cestus III Campus, Cadet
09/90-05/92 Starfleet Medical Academy, Cestus III Campus, Cadet
05/92-09/92 Medical Facility, Nurse, Ensign
09/92-Present USS Thames, Nurse, Ensign