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Ensign Kylian Robie

Name Kylian Robie

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Kerelian
Birth Date 25 December 2368
Birth Location Kerelia

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 149 lbs.
Hair Color Brown - Shoulder Length
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean and well-muscled, Kylian has shoulder length, wavy brown hair and blue eyes that sparkle with good humor and intelligence. He was a small scar on his left cheek from an incident in his childhood that he has chosen not to remove.

Family Data

Father Giskard Robie - Diplomat
Mother Eugenie Robie - Musician, Kerelia
Brother(s) (One of the Robie sextuplets)
- Rayan (Starfleet Security)
- Yanis (Architect on Kerelia)
- Basile (Scientist, Sonic Sciences, Kerelia)
- Kais (Starfleet Security)
- Nael (Singer/Songwriter, Kerelia)
Sister(s) None
Spouse None
Children None
Other Family Numerous uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews
Friends & Relationships Not currently in a relationship

Personality Profile

General Overview -Light sleeper. Kylian calls it a survival trait. Growing up with five brothers, all of whom shared a love of pranks, meant that sleeping too soundly at his house led to trouble. His brother, Nael, once woke up covered in small snakes. His oldest brother Rayan woke up covered in flour. He himself woke up with whipped cream in his hair. So, light sleeper.
-Loves to try new things. Its a thing with his brothers. Though separated now by work and distance, they all love to try new sports, the more extreme the better. And, of course, if one tries it, the others won't be far behind.
-Active and energetic.
-Compassionate and caring
-Altruistic - Will put the needs of others ahead of his own
-Somewhat mischievious - still loves playing pranks on his brothers when he gets the chance though they all agreed long ago that it was best to limit that activity to themselves (after having been punished for pranking their grandparents). Clearly, some people just don't understand.
-Misses the camaraderie he knew as a child. His decision to pursue a career in Starfleet sent him off world and away from the friendships of his youth. He is social, generally always interested in meeting people and getting to know them, and mostly willing to lend a hand.
-Slow to wake up. For all that he wakes up quickly, that doesn't mean he wakes up to his usual, genial self. Mostly everyone knows that he's pretty much non-verbal before his first cup of coffee (or tea when he was a child). He says that coffee was the only reason he survived the Academy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
(+) Works well with others, comfortable in a group, no personal space issues
(+) Intelligent and adaptive to new situations
(+) Compassionate and Caring/Altruistic
(+) Strong interest in technology - especially new technology
(+) Courageous
(+) Good sense of humor/sense of fun

(-) Non-verbal before his first cup of coffee
(-) Suffers from bouts of insomnia when working through personal issues
(-) Fearless - will push against something he fears until it gives - which can sometimes make him a bit reckless. Example - he feared heights so he took up climbing and eventually conquered the fear

(+) Time to himself in a space he doesn't have to share (and finding that out about himself came as a complete surprise)
(+) Music
(+) Live performances
(+) Holodeck Adventures
(+) Coffee - and communication after coffee

(-) Food that moves under its own power
(-) Communication before coffee
(-) The color pink

Kerelian Physiology
(+) Unique auditory system (minimizes noise and distortion, gives an accurate frequency response)
(+) Empathic but only within his own species, generally only with his brothers
Ambitions & Goals Kylian is just getting started in his career. He had a great childhood, no question, but he was always one of six. He wasn't Kylian so much as he was one of the Robie boys and while, his brothers are his best friends, Kylian feels a need to find his own path. His decision to request an assignment that is distant enough from family and friends grew out of that need to find his own way without falling back into the way too familiar and comfortable paths of his youth.
Hobbies & Interests (+) Geskana (similar to LaCrosse but with smaller goals)
(+) LaCrosse (easier to learn than to try to get LaCrosse players to switch)
(+) Swimming/Diving
(+) Rock climbing (together with his brothers, Sebastien climbed Mt. Aujin)
(+) Singing (especially acapella) - culturally significant on his world
(+) Holodeck adventures
(+) Reading
(+) Kerelian Martial Arts
Languages Kerelian, Federation Standard, Vulcan and some Klingon

Personal Relationships

Family He is close to his family and keeps in touch regularly. The brothers send each other 'gifts' and keep each other abreast of what's happening in their lives. Being empathic, any one of the six will generally know if something has happened to another of his brothers.
Romantic Relationships He is not currently in a relationship though he has dated a bit.
Friendships His brothers are his best friends though, admittedly, at times in their teen years it was something of a love/hate relationship. At the Academy, he started making friends outside of his family and that proved to be a turning point for him. He is social and easy going by nature.

Personal History

Personal History Dec 2368: Born as the youngest of the Robie sextuplets
Jun 2385: Sent in application to Starfleet Academy

Kylian gained notoriety on the day of his birth, being one of the locally famous Robie sextuplets. The boys were inseparable growing up and shared an over-sized bedroom throughout their entire childhood. His father, as a Kerelian diplomat, would often travel to other worlds and bring home books and music from that world. On his return from a trip to Earth, Giskard Robie brought home books about pirates and Gilbert and Sullivan. The boys were captivated and spent the summer building rafts, crewing them three to a raft, and then attacking each other. Winning meant sinking the other raft or at least knocking its crew overboard. Books about Klingon culture led to an interest in bat'leths and a lot of time spent figuring out how to make their own. They camped out whenever they could, explored every inch of the area in which they lived, and eventually decided to make a 'secret base of operations'. Yanis planned its construction, Kylian lead the actually building, while Rayan and Kais led night-time excursions to 'liberate' necessary supplies.

As the time approached for the boys to decide what they wanted to do with their life, the possibility of living separate lives became an issue that each one had to deal with in his own way. It wasn't an easy or comfortable thought - moving away from his best friends - but it was also an exciting one. Did he even know who he would be if he wasn't 'one of those Robie boys;' ultimately, the chance to explore, to stand on different worlds the way his father had, the chance to learn about technology and about himself decided him and he sent in his application to Starfleet Academy.

He was surprised to learn that Rayan and Kais felt the same way. The going away party, signifying the end of a shared bedroom, late night pranks, and the joys of boyhood, remains legendary.

Career History

Starfleet Training Rayan and Kais remained together since they would both be working toward posts in Security. Kylian went alone to Engineering. Those first weeks were very difficult as he struggled to find his own identity and to make choices that weren't based on what others wanted or needed from him. He majored in programming and component engineering; he struggled otherwise to make the transition to individual and began to use his studies as a way of avoiding the issue. Toward that end, he exceled and eventually came to realize being an Engineer was something that suited him, something he wanted for himself.

When there was time, which wasn't often, he spent time with Rayan and Kais but they could see that a rift was forming. Not that they weren't all still friends, but more that their interests were diverging. Kylian began to see the downside of being an individual and worked harder to compensate. He started making friends among his classmates, not close the way he was with his brothers, but close enough that they formed a study group, worked on projects together, and traded jokes that no one but an engineer would understand.
Career History Upon graduation, in 2390, he was offered (and accepted) a position at Utopia Planita Fleet Yard working on a overhaul of a ship's computer and holodeck systems. His supervisors noted his willingness, his attention to detail, and his uncanny ability to figure out small problems (what had once been called bugs). His responsibilities increased and by the end of the project, two years later, Kylian received glowing recommendations for his work.

His parents and siblings back on Kerelia pressed him to stay on at Utopia Planita but Kylian understood that to complete this transformation he had embarked on, he needed to serve in a way where he couldn't take trips home regularly (as he had been up to that point). He requested transfer to the USS Thames since it seemed as though that ship could meet all of his requirements and hoped it wouldn't turn out to be a mistake.


Service Record Sep 2386: Entered Starfleet Academy, Engineering Discipline. Majored in computers and component engineering. Minored in Communications/Operations - navigation, piloting (minor ships) and basic combat tactics.
Jun 2390: Graduated from Starfleet Academy and promoted to Ensign
Jul 2390: Assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars as part of a retrofit project focusing on overhaul of the computer and holodeck systems
Sep 2392: Upon project completion, transferred to the USS Thames, Engineering Department, and assigned to Gamma Shift